Hello, my name is Callum and I have a passion for audio production. I recently graduated from the Kingston University of London with a 2.1 Honnors Degree in Audio Production. I have experience in various aspects of sound design, editing, mixing and mastering. I am looking for an opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in a professional setting and to learn from experienced mentors. I am proficient in using various software and hardware tools for audio production and I am eager to explore new technologies and techniques. I have a portfolio of some of my previous projects that showcase my abilities and creativity. I would love to hear from you and discuss how I can contribute to your team and your goals.


2023 - “BBC Short”

2022 - “UNaturalism

Field recording based sample library Recording on location 3-4 hour sessions Creative sampling and sound design 3D audio and ambesonic recording

2021 - “Black Watch” Short Film

Sound Engineer, Sound design and Foley for Student Graduate Short film “Black Watch” – 2021 Experience working on a period film (World War II) Treating and mixing dialogue for film Environmental sound design Advanced mixdown, grouping and exporting film at 23DB and 16DB

2020 - “the candidate” Short Film

Recordist, sound designer, sound engineer for student graduate short film “the candidate” 2019-2020 Gained experience recording on set for film On the job note taking and time management Foley recording and ambience Experience working to deadlines and working as part of a larger team (producer, manager editor)

Studio Recordist and Sound Engineer Microphone knowledge practical experience of studio interfaces and units
experience working with and inspiring artists managing and organizing recording sessions Short Independent EP (5 tracks) “through the Mirror” 2021 Use of multiple DAWS, Live 10 and Protools Creative mixing for music Compositional experience Metanormalizing tracks Mastering for streaming

Music Plus Creative Education Course Technical and creative mixing and mastering Thematic sound design Modular Synthesis